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The Lost City
9/30 - 6:30
10/1 - No Showings
10/2 - No Showings

Jack Weil (Robert Redford), a professional gambler, enjoys the hedonistic lifestyle of Batista's Cuba, where he is organizing a crucial poker game that could make or break him. He meets seductive Bobby Duran (Lena Olin) and is surprised that she, a wealthy woman, is aiding Fidel Castro and his communist rebels. Apolitical Jack doesn't usually take sides, but after Bobby and her husband, Arturo (Raul Julia), are arrested, he contemplates risking everything to help their cause.

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Fico Fellove (Andy Garcia), an apolitical Havana club owner, gets caught in the middle among the CIA, the American Mafia, and the revolutionaries as Fidel Castro's Communist Revolution sweeps through Cuba. He tries to keep the strife outside the walls of his popular establishment, but his family becomes divided when his brothers (Nestor Carbonell, Enrique Murciano) join the fight against Batista. A rich and passionate view of a Cuba now lost to time and events.

My Old Lady
9/30 - 2:00
10/1 - 2:00
10/2 - No Showings

Tin Men
9/30 - 2:00
10/1 - 2:00, 6:30
10/2 - No Showings

Based on the true story of a ship carrying German-Jewish refugees which was sent to Havana in 1939 by the Nazis but was denied permission to land anywhere. The ship was eventually obliged to return to Germany, where certain death awaited its passengers. This terrible outcome had been cynically anticipated by the Nazis when granting permission for the voyage in the first place.

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Door-to-door aluminum-siding salesmen Bill "B.B." Babowsky (Richard Dreyfuss) and Ernest Tilley (Danny DeVito) are professional rivals in an industry known for shady dealings and high-pressure sales. But their rivalry goes from professional to personal after a minor car accident that neither are willing to take the blame for. As the hatred between the two men grows to near insane levels, B.B. decides to take it even further by seducing and having an affair with Tilley's wife (Barbara Hershey).

A New Yorker (Kevin Kline) discovers that the vast Paris apartment he inherited from his estranged father is already occupied by a refined retiree (Maggie Smith) and her protective daughter (Kristin Scott-Thomas).

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Voyage of the Damned
9/30 - 4:00
10/1 - 4:00
10/2 - No Showings

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